What’s up, Intact America?

Sorry Leute, das muss auf englisch. Aus Gründen.

Intactivism in the United States is a dealbreaker for the worldwide movement in Intactivism. The eyes are basically on the US organizations and their behaviour, and the usage of their fundraising.

I repeatedly reported about Chase – mostly on Facebook, because the whole case for a german is like a daily dose of Criminal Minds in a parallel universe.

The way the judge acted in that case – that’s not even thinkable in Europe. A judge with an attitude like that would been revoked from the case with a blink of an eye. I admit that I was sitting in front of the news more than once in utter disbelief, not believing what I’m hearing. That the judge forced Heather Hieronymus to cover the legal costs of Dennis Nebus. That he cut her off from all money supply to pay those legal costs.

That would be against every law in Europe. And a judge like that would go to jail or at least lose his job for bending the law. And a judge who publicly declares that the mother WILL sign the boy over for the surgery and hand him over or she will be in jail until she does would be considered highly biased and that would be another reason to revoke him from the case and put into a disciplinary court.

The father, trying to get to the mother via the son – he would rather lose custody than finding a judge who acknowledge his right to mutilate his son.

So this case is interesting for europeans in more than one case.

I know people who want to donate to the official legal fund for Chase. And here it is getting tricky, because without any shame and hesitation Intact America jumped on the bandwagon, used Chases name to raise some funds – but the attorney never saw the money.

Saving Our Sons also put a legal fund up, but there is no saying about the usage of the money. It is only pretty clear that the attorney didn’t see anything of it. Legal costs in the US? Horrible.

Intact America has a policy that they are NOT covering for certain cases. Which is alright – you cannot save the world and have to do your thing. But then you should stay the heck out of the case. Simple as it is. If you are not able to help, don’t make it harder.

But Intact America is doing exactly this. They are bugging the attorney with unnecessary emails and phone calls which all add up to the bill Heather has to pay. They are draining the money from the funds they refuse to help to raise up.

And like it seems right now, unfortunately for one reason only: Attention.

A board member of Intact America pushing people out of camera sight after taking a last minute flight so she was right in time to hold her face in the camera for a well placed speech:

That’s attention leeching.

And this unfortunately, is a weakness in character I really cannot condone.

We are talking about the fate of a child here. Who is facing an unnecessary surgery just because his sperm donor is hating the mother that much that he is throwing his boy under the bus to get to her.

He is not caring about his son being terrified and almost shell shocked. He thrust Heather into a hiding spot to protect her son.

There is the life and wellbeing of a little boy on the spot. Nothing more and nothing less.

And to use that case to generate funds for the own agenda simply is a mess and spotting a dark light on the US Intactivism. This behaviour is affecting all of us.

Your greed is affecting all of us.


I tried to get a statement or at least some answers of Intact America directly, but they deleted all questions and refused to answer.

So there was no way for me to let the other side speak. I tried. But if they refuse they have to life with the outcome.

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  1. Manchmal kommt mir in den Sinn,
    Nach Amerika zu segeln,
    Nach dem großen Freiheitsstall,
    Der bewohnt von Gleichheitsflegeln…

    Heinrich Heine

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