When a child has to suffer because of Patriarchy

I already told you about Chase. The four year old from Florida, who is at the verge getting circumcised because his father wants to.

This father wants to cut his son that desperately, that he bullied the mother into being a fugitive. And now – all signs show that he won. Heather Hieronimus got arrested and the child was handed over to his abusive father. There is a good chance that the poor child is already circumcised, writing this entry.

The whole case is not about the benefits of circumcision or about the wellbeing of an innocent child. Neither the father nor the judge give a shit about both.

This whole case is also a brilliant and tragic example, what happens, if patriarchy is rearing its ugly head and tries to put a woman into her place who dares to fight against the men to protect her child.

Dennis Nebus and his lawyers not only managed (with the help of the judge) to cut off all income of Heather Hieronymus, the judge also put the weight of the legal costs on her already frail shoulders.

And to top this he also claimed officially that Heather WILL sign the consent form, or she will stay in jail until she does.

That is no judge who is judging following a rule. That judge is a patriachalic caveman who punished a women which dared to antagonize his wise leadership. After all: Circumcision is not a big deal, right?

The case of Heather Hieronymus shows every single flaw in the US civil court system. The judge even denied Chase an own legal advisor when asked by the mothers attorney.

And this judge happily threw a child who does NOT want to get a part of his penis cut off and is well aware that his such called father is merciless and dead set on it under a driving bus.

There is no medical benefit for Chase to undergo this procedure. Two doctors confirmed that the child is healthy and has literally NO problems with his genitals. He is NOT jewish, there is also not even the slightest religious excuse. The only reason why Dennis Nebus is so fanatic in getting his son „done“ is simply because he wants to get to the mother.

He didn’t care for his own child. And clearly the judge didn’t care for him either – if he did he would’ve stopped Nebus a long time ago.

To this man this case is NOT about the wellbeing of a child. It is to put a woman into place and let her feel miserable, to teach her a lesson.

And this is making those men filthy, despictable criminals.




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  1. And sadly, this was the reason, why women like Alice Schwarzer stood up in the 60’s and 70’s for the women rights… so we’re in both eras: On one side we’ve now this case according old pattern, the patriarchy – and on the other hand we’ve the situation, that the women start to try to give the men the suffering back and wanna punish them for the old behaviour, which was accepted so well in the society.

    And the cherry on top of the heap to sh*t: The future of a child, which need protection, will be now sacrificed on the altar of the „right of a father“…

    /me is searching a bin for the stomach content…

  2. I would say the opposite. How come you didn’t hear any feminists defending this women for doing what mothers should do, namely protecting their children? And of course, if the „patriarchy“ is to blame, then why are women protected from such genital mutilation procedures, but not men?

    • Victim blaming much? The mother in Chases case did nothing wrong. She even went to jail and lost custody because she fought the circumcision.

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