Circumcision kills

Auf englisch. Aus Gründen.

The United States are THE country of baby circumcision. Many men over there grow up and don’t even know that the genital they have is not the genital they are born with. That Sex doesn’t necessarily has to hurt, that „jackhammering“ is not the normal way to do it.

For many years now several groups of people are trying to stop this barbarity. The kids are not getting any anesthesia, some hospitals sell a „succrose pacifier“ as a „pain medication“ – in all seriousness. It’s on the bill: „Pain med: Succrose pacifier“. I’ve seen it. Multiple times.

The outcome for many men is devastating. I honestly don’t want to know how many men are running around with a „butchered“ penis, not even knowing why this happened. Because their parents never told them what happened to them.

Depressions, PTSD: The late term mental problems are real. A lot of the babies who survived the surgery (too many of them are NOT surviving) are numerous.

One of the most iconic groups fighting off baby circumcision are the „Bloodstained Men“.

I’ve meandered through several groups. But a few names are shown up all the time.

Brother K

Shelley Wright

Jonathon Conte

Jonathon was the man who invented the „Bloodstained Men“, people in white suits with a bright red spot at the crotch, protesting and educating peacefully on the streets all over the United States.

The message is sent out and couldn’t be any clearer: Circumcision hurts body and soul. Stop it. Take your whole baby home.

Jonathon Conte succumbed to his ghosts last night and took his own life.

He was a gentle and passionate soul, hiding his pain too well, not even his closest friends knew the real amount of pain he was in. At the end it was too much for one person to bear and he left us.

Leaving behind a great empty spot.

Rest in peace, Jonathon. The work has just begun.



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