Feminist studies in religion

Everytime if feminism and religion are teaming up you know as someone with at least a bit common sense: The result is not the smartest one and at least debatable if not outright worth the Facepalm of the year.

Want to know what I’m talking about?

Katharina von Kellenbach.

Circumcision. For most feminists an atrocity only if carried out against girls. If a boy is submitted to this „procedure“ it is a well deserved pain for being a boy.

No, Mrs. von Kellenbach didn’t say that out loud, but you can read it clearly between the lines.

First of all: She didn’t even bother to check the medical facts. I would think that this is necessary if you are forming and writing an opinion about a surgical procedure carried out on helpless infants – but not Mrs. von Kellen. She stated:

The idea that ritual circumcision of the penile foreskin should be considered equivalent to the partial or total removal of the clitoris, the excision of the labia minor, and/or the infibulation of the vagina achieved by slicing (incision) and sewing up the vagina is ludicrous.

Female Genital Mutilation is divided in four categories. I – III in increasing severeness and I and II divided in two sub-groups, a and b with increasing removal of body tissue.

III is the infibulation Mrs. von Kellenbach mentioned and this form of Genital Mutilation deserved the place for the worst way to put a human being through pain for the rest of her life.

But to point out the full extend of her two-faced arguments let’s take a look to Egypt.

Egypt is a muslim country. Egypt is also a country which is cutting their boys and their girls. The FGM Ia and Ib up to FGM IIa is widely spread in Egypt. Approximately 94% of the women underwent the procedure in their life. 64% agreed in the procedure, means they were old enough to consent.

They are mutilated, right?

Well, if you ask those women: No they aren’t. They are circumcised. They are devoted Muslimas and hence they got circumcised. Because it is cleaner. It prevents diseases. It is part of their religion. It looks prettier for the hubby. And circumcised women didn’t cheat on the hubbies that often.

Let’s switch to the men.

I have no actual numbers, but most men in egypt should be circumcised in early childhood but way before puberty. Whether the barber or a doctor: At one point in life there is the pressure to circumcise the boy. Because it is cleaner. It prevents diseases. It is part of their religion. it looks prettier for the wife. And circumcised men have more stamina. Better for wifey.

Did you see what I did? The first arguments are identical. Cleaner, prettier, disease prevention (which is, by the way, utter bullcrap): All those reasons are gender neutral. But important for those defending circumcision.

The last arguments are gender specific. A circumcised woman is not cheating on hubby. A circumcised man can satisfy a woman. So, circumcision for men is benefiting the woman and has to be carried out. Circumcision for women is an act of oppressing their sexual desire.

Both reasons are highly sexist. Yes, Mrs. von Kellenbach, there is something like „male sexism“ and it is widespread in the feminist community. Women needs protection, men have to swallow everything, because they are already privileged. And you just added the cherry of the cake.

This is the red line you draw in this article, which has an astonishing amount of misinformation. You don’t even know what you are talking about. You have no clue about the male anatomy, yet you are telling the men that they should „get over it“. One of the major human rights is the right of life and the right of bodily integrity.

BOTH rights were violated by circumcision on a daily basis. Whether it boys or girls. 117 perfectly healthy baby boys die year by year because of this „little snip“ in the US only. Those rights even outrule the freedom of religion. So, that being said, where is your cultural bias?

If you are serious with the freedom of religion for Muslims you HAVE TO FIGHT for the right of the Egyptians to circumcise their girls. Because it is part of their religion. It is part of their tradition. It is part of their freedom of religion. But you don’t do it, because you clearly state that the right of the girl for not getting the vagina cut is ranking higher than the wish of the parents to fulfill their religious needs.

Explain to me again how men are privileged?

P.S.: That’s really all those NGOs you mentioned are fighting for. Equal rights for girls and boys. No one of us care about the adults. If an adult wants to cut his dick (or her vagina) in the full knowledge about the consequences: Go for it.

We want that children have the right to grow up without this permanent altering cosmetical surgery and the tremendous pain, shock, betrayal and sorrow it comes with it. So, if you would be so kind and stick your Holocaust-comparison the place where the sun don’t shine: Maybe your history book which you obviously didn’t use too often.

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