Cat got your tongue

Das nachfolgende ist eine kleine Buchempfehlung auf englisch. „Cat got your tongue“ ist ein Roman von Michelle Rae, der Inhalt und alles stammt von ihr selbst. 🙂

Wer auf der Suche nach einer kleinen, wirklich niedlichen Romanze ist, die zufällig mit zwei Jungs ist statt mit Junge und Mädchen (die Geschichte zieht viel Plot daraus DASS es zwei Männer sind und der eine Protagonist völlig verdattert ist, dass man auch für das gleiche Geschlecht empfinden kann, was man normalerweise nur fürs andere…. *g*), der wird hier fündig.

Das ist inzwischen eins meiner Lieblings-Stories. Und nebenbei mag ich die Autorin  😉

Cat Got Your Tongue by Michelle Rae


Rejected by his parents because of his sexuality, Tyler flees to an abandoned house owned by his family in the country. There, the only thing stopping him from taking his own life is the presence of a cat Tyler has appropriately named ‚The Black Devil‘. But this cat is not ordinary cat and Tyler is about to find out things are going to get a whole lot more complicated.

Lannor is not your average cat, he’s not even from the planet. Sent to earth by his mother to understand what love truly means, Lannor struggles through the many years. Losing those he loves, until he meets Tyler does Lannor realize what was missing from his life.


Cat Got Your Tongue was the very first gay romance story Michelle wrote. It is also one of the few written that contained adult content. Written in 2008, this story has had many changes over the years and although Michelle feels there is still room for improvement, she is happy with how the story has developed.

Inspired by her love of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Cat Got Your Tongue was born with shape-shifting in mind and grew from there.

About the Author

Michelle Rae lives in lovely Adelaide, South Australia. She began writing fan fiction for her son, which led to bigger and better things. Writing LGBT stories became her passion after discovering the genre in 2008. Determined to write her greatest story, Michelle dedicates endless hours hoping to achieve this dream. In her spare time, Michelle likes to drink tea, eat peppermint chocolate and keep the last of her sanity intact.

Where to find Michelle

Facebook :

Twitter : @michelle_rae70

Where to find the book

Amazon : ebook & paperback

Payhip : ebook only


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  1. Auf Englisch womöglich und eine Liebesgeschichte?


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